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Methyl B12


For a healthy nervous system and energy boost.

The Methyl-B12 offers you a stable, bioavailable, and active form of folate and Vitamin B12 that’s readily absorbed by the body. These key nutrients play an essential role in promoting healthy nerve & blood cells and supports improved methylation.

DNA Methylation is a process of attaching methyl groups to your DNA to promote normal and healthy functioning of the brain & body, in addition to holding crucial cues to understanding autoimmune, metabolic, neurological, and psychiatric diseases.

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How does Methyl-B12 work?

Methyl-B12 is a great source of Vitamin B12 and folates, which work together to support energy production, heavy metal detoxification, and hormone balance. It may also help with MTHFR polymorphism support. Vitamin B12, which is typically found in meat, poultry, and eggs, is not easily available for those following vegetarian diets, making these capsules a good option for them.

Key Ingredients:

  • Folate (as l-methyltetrahydrofolate): An active form for Folic acid that’s easily absorbed and utilized by the body.
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin): An active form of B12 that does not have to be converted, so it starts working right away.

Directions: For best results, take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


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