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UT Balance


Enjoy healthier Urinary Tract Flora and say goodbye to painful UTIs.

UTIs are usually caused when unfriendly bacteria, like E-coli, enter your urinary tract and stubbornly latch on to cells that line the bladder walls. It then continues to grow, causing burning sensations while urinating and a constant, strong urge to urinate. The worst part is UTIs usually reoccur within the next 6 months. The UT Balance supports recovery from UTIs and promotes healthier urinary tract flora to prevent frequent infections.

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How does UT Balance work?

The UT Balance supplements are made with natural plant extracts like cranberry juice powder & olive leaf powder and glyco-nutrients like D-Mannose that aid recovery from UTIs. D-Mannose works like a prebiotic and supports “good” bacteria growth and helps remove “bad” bacteria. The malic, citric, and quinic acids in cranberry help increase the acidity levels in urine which prevents unwanted bacteria from latching onto your bladder walls. With added soluble fibers and probiotics, the UT Balance also supports improved digestive health & bowel movement, and the growth of healthier urogenital flora.

Key Ingredients:

  • D-Mannose: A glyco-nutrient that is not converted to glycogen or stored in the liver but, rather, goes directly into the bloodstream from the kidneys to the bladder. Helps promote UT health without disrupting the good flora.
  • Cranberry Juice Powder: Contains acids that support thorough cleansing of the urinary tract.
  • Olive Leaf Extract:  Has been used traditionally to aid with inflammation or infections in the body, including UTIs.
  • FOS & Fibersol®-2: Support proper bowel function, beneficial intestinal microflora populations, and healthy digestive tract.
  • Non-dairy Probiotic blend: Helps establish gut & intestinal flora, aids with diarrhea, supports digestive health and immunity.

Directions: For best results, mix 1 scoop (5.6g) with water 1-3 times a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


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