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Lab Testing Panels

No.  Our lab test panels are not covered by insurance.  Through our partners, we negotiated a direct pricing discount from LabCorp with select lab biomarkers up to 90% off.

Please visit this web page for more details:

At this time, Body by AIM360 uses LabCorp locations throughout the United States.  You can find a local LabCorp location here:

Within 7-10 business days of the laboratory receiving your blood sample, you’ll be emailed your LabCorp results with a personalized 15+ page functional health lab report from Body by AIM360

Currently Body by AIM360 cannot send lab scripts to residents in NY, NJ and RI.  In addition, we can only send lab scripts to residents of the United States.

Nutritional Supplements

Yes.  Please visit this page for more details: Refund Policy

Approximately 3-7 business days from the date of your purchase.

Body by AIM360’s exclusive line of professional-grade formulas are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities in the United States.

Virtual Nutrition Consultations

Once you receive your lab results via email from Body by AIM360, you have the ability to schedule an online virtual nutrition consultation with one of our integrative medical practitioners to review your results.  Simply click “Schedule Consultation” and you can select a day and time that is convenient to you for your 30-45-minute online consultation.  From there, you can create an account and pay for your consultation.  At your scheduled appointment time, our practitioner will contact you to review your lab results.

The cost to connect to an integrative health practitioner via a phone call or video chat is $79 for lab review consultations

No.  Our integrative medical team does NOT diagnose, treat, manage or cure any medication conditions.  The online lab review consultation is to help give you answers to what your lab results mean to your overall wellness health.  Please share your lab results with your physician if needed.

Yes.  When you schedule your appointment, you can choose if you would like a video chat appointment or a phone consult.

Once you schedule your online consult appointment, you’ll receive an email from Zoom within 24 hours to download their app.  Just download their app to your computer, tablet or phone.  At your scheduled appointment time, just click on the link in the email to enter your online consult.  You can also automatically download Zoom after you schedule your appointment and you do not need to wait to receive an email.


You must be 18 years or older to purchase a lab test or nutritional supplements.